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Double sided UV DTF SHEETS

Double sided UV DTF SHEETS

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Upload a pre-made gangsheet with all your images pre-sized and placed within a single artboard

To use our free online gangsheet builder please use the 2nd listing that's labeled as "Gangsheet builder" Thank you

Export and upload as png format

High quality permanent stickers that are waterproof and scratch surface resistant

The Varnish coating makes this stickers have bright and vivid colors

This UV decals do not go through a cutter, they are printed directly to a transfer sheet, INK + Varnish + glue

Upload your image with transparent background, No weeding necessary

Waterproof and scratch proof, Varnish coating on top to protect them from ever fading from the sun and to give them a glossy raised effect that you will love!.

*Effortlessly apply it with your hands on any solid surface, including glass, metal, cardboard, wood, plastic and more!

Simply remove the sticker transfer layer and apply on a clean surface starting from the edge and working your way out to prevent bubbles.

*Detach the transfer from the film and cautiously apply it to a clean surface. Press firmly against the transfer to ensure better adherence, making the removal of the transfer film easier.


Do not upload solid images longer than 10inx10in because they will be smudged

This uv stickers can only be applied once, once applied they will come out in pieces when trying to remove it, please apply on clean area

Does not go on cotton, polyester or any other fabric similar to this

Do not apply on any textured surface, must be solid 100% and not apply on sharp curves because this uv sticker does not stretch

Uv decals will be rolled and packed carefully

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