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23in gangsheets (online gangsheet builder)

23in gangsheets (online gangsheet builder)

Build your own Gang Sheet
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Safari Browser not recommended to build your gangsheet(full of bugs)

Use chrome or other browser


By utilizing our online Gangsheet builder, you'll now have the option to

1. Select white ink removal option, but kindly be aware that selecting this option will eliminate ALL white elements from the design.

2. Utilize the 'Remove Empty Space' feature to eliminate all transparent gaps from your image, enabling precise resizing to the exact width you require.

3. Include as many images as possible within the gangsheet's available space.

4. For optimal resolution, kindly upload your designs at 300dpi. While lower dpi files can be uploaded, please be aware that they may impact the printing quality.

5. Enjoy the seamless experience, and let us elevate your business to new heights without the need for software knowledge or additional expenses.

Pressing instructions

Medium-Heavy pressure 275F for 10seconds

Allow a 10-second waiting period before peeling. Once peeled, we recommend applying an extra 3 seconds of pressure to achieve a fantastic result."


Please email us at If you need further assistance.

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